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Muslims in Kaohsiung


About 4,000 to 5,000 Muslims live in Kaohsiung now, and most of them are Indonesian. Others come from Pakistan, India, Turkey and Malaysia. Every Friday, they give prayers at Kaohsiung Muslim Mosque at noon.

Kaohsiung Muslim Mosque is the second mosque built by the early believers in Taiwan, and today it’s still among the six largest mosques in the country. It’s one of the only two places for Muslims to give prayers in southern Taiwan. Its services extend to Hualien of the East Coast. Every summer, the mosque organizes classes for learning Islamic culture and the Arabic language, especially for youngsters to learn the teachings of Islam.

About Muslims

The term “Islamic” derives from “Islam,” meaning submission, safeness, and peace.

Islam is among the world’s three biggest religions. People who believe in Islam are Muslims. According to governmental statistics, in Taiwan, there are about 300,000 Muslims.

What is Halal

Halal refers to all things which conform to Islamic law bestowed by Allah. Islamic dining must be “Halal” and “Tayyiban”. Halal refers to being lawful, while Tayyiban means quality be ensured. Halal food equals safe, hygienic and healthy food.

Halal certification

Muslim visitors do not eat pork and they don’t drink alcohol. Other types of meat must be Halal certified.

The restaurant should also provide a space for giving prayers:

  • Muslim Restaurant (MR)
  • Muslim Friendly Restaurant (MFR)
  • Muslim Friendly Tourism (MFT)
  • Halal kitchen (HK)
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