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Kaohsiung City


    Kaohsiung, a warm and sunny city, is located in southwestern Taiwan. It is longish in shape, covering 2,946 square kilometers of land. As the second largest city of Taiwan, it is next to Jianan Plain and Pingtung Plain in its north and east. The city faces Taiwan Strait in the west and reaches Bashi Channel in the south. Kaohsiung’s location is ideal, with a few natural bays. This makes it an important spot for Northeast Asian ships sailing to the South Pacific Ocean. A wonderful commercial port blessed by such conditions,

    Kaohsiung is swiftly becoming an international city. Ocean, land and air transport is all convenient in Kaohsiung. Commercial and passenger ships travel to and fro this international port. At Kaohsiung International Airport, plenty of direct flights are available, taking passengers to other Asian cities. Kaohsiung’s network of highways and railways makes it highly convenient to travel on land.

    Kaohsiung has plenty of natural and cultural resources to offer with its urban districts, oceans and vast inner land. Fields, forests, mountains and hot springs… all these make Kaohsiung the most diverse tourist city!

    Kaohsiung Port

    Best Cruise Port in AsiaThe temperate weather of Kaohsiung Harbor and the long sandbanks by the sea have been combined to become perfect geological conditions. Starting from Kaohsiung, the cruise will visit several Asian harbors. The terrain of the harbor was formed naturally and now the waters cover an area of 26.66 square kilometers. The shipping lane is 18 kilometers long. There are two ports allowing large ships less than 100,000 tons to enter.